5 ASO Techniques To Be # 1 In The Apps Stores

We have all heard of ASO, and by now, I am sure that you are already messing with the keywords of your application. You have been developing it for several months, you have made the app available to everyone and you are even using various advertising campaigns on social networks. Are you really sure you get all the organic traffic you can?

The 5 ASO Techniques for Success

When asked about App Store Optimization, we tend to associate this with the keywords for the application, the appropriate choice of a category, or the most striking icon … you will not like this, you are not optimizing the application and your organic downloads at all They can add up a lot if you don’t just focus on the basics.

Relax, everything is resolved, we put at your disposal all our years of experience in the market to help you get the most out of your application. You have to manage every detail to be able to reach the top ranking in the categories.

1. Planning the Launch Phases

In an industry with so much competition, time management is the key to success – validating your idea without investing too much time is important. That is why we love to focus on Pre-Launch to put a Minimum Viable Product in the right market in record time.

Being fast, effective, and efficient is only possible if you set small goals and concentrate all your efforts at the moment of Launch. Use all your secret weapons, because the first month of your application’s life is Vital for its future success.

Talk to your audience, study your application, and apply improvements gradually so that all the work to get here is not wasted time. Find your break-even point in the Post-Launch phase to increase rank in the categories.

2. ASO optimization

Remember this: On – Data Optimization and Off – Data Optimization

The ASO On-Data is neither more nor less than everything that makes up the Google Play File or IOs of your application.

The sum of some keywords with traffic, a good title, and a description that will leave us speechless, is the key to reaching the maximum organic traffic possible.

The first impression is what counts! You will only get it with an icon and some amazing screenshots.

3. Growth Base Users

Once the product strategy to be used has been defined and verified, it is time to drive growth and optimize ASO techniques to increase downloads and user base

Campaigns on Facebook, Twitter, reviews in the best-specialized networks, or CPI Campaigns, are one of the many techniques that you will have to use in your day to day after each launch to continue increasing your profits.

We live with these campaigns daily and we are eager to hear your needs.

4. Inbound Content Marketing

This is something that we love and that has a lot to do with the ASO Off-Data of your application.

Any link on the web, mention in specialized blogs, review with videos on YouTube, and a lot more campaigns, will notably favor the positioning of your App.

In the end, we will need your own network of pages where you can sell your product, you must also appear in the top positions of google. Do not wait until the end to implement this strategy, we know how to carry them out.

In conclusion, any type of advertising of your product on social networks, the Internet, or, for example, by word of mouth, favors both the POSITIONING of your application and the increase in organic DOWNLOADS.

5. App Indexing and DeepLinking

Surely this sounds like Chinese to you. It is something that few people know and that we are going to show you in the scoop.

Currently, Google’s algorithm changes monthly. With the new algorithm update, the world of apps is gaining more relevance and prominence.

Little by little you will be verifying that when you make inquiries in the search engine from your mobile device, applications related to searches will appear in the top positions of Google.

It is something that few people know how to optimize, and today the web browser is still used both on mobile and desktop. Therefore we will use the best techniques combining “App Indexing” and indexing to browsers through internal links within your application.

If you have an application in the market that does not find its place in the rankings, you need advice with its monetization, support in marketing campaigns, or a great idea to achieve success, we help you carry it out.